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From our results from over 20 years of video production

All goals, fouls, 2-minute penalties and yellow cards: handball game HC Burgenland II...

all fouls, Naumburg, recorded in 4K/UHD, penalties every 2 minutes , HC Burgenland II, TV recording, Weißenfels, Landsberger HV, complete game, all yellow cards, handball game, Plotha

Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg - the best way to record events, meetings, concerts, talks, theater performances...
… to publish them on TV, Internet, DVD, Blu-Ray Disc etc.

High demands and limited financial resources - a difficult combination?

Usually there is an incompatibility between these possibilities. However, Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg is the exception to the rule. Our cameras are of the same type and latest generation, but they have large 1 inch image sensors. Excellent image quality is achieved even under challenging lighting conditions. The use of programmable motorized pan-tilts allows remote camera control and reduces manpower, resulting in cost savings.

We can work for you in the following areas, among others

Synchronous recording with multiple cameras (multi-camera video production)

A main field of activity of Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg is multi-camera video recording and video production. We rely on high-quality cameras of the same type. Cameras of the same type ensure identical image quality for every image or camera setting. The video editing is done using professional software on high-performance computers. Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg already offers the possibility to produce videos in 8K / UHD-II / UHDTV2 / 4320p.
Video production of theater performances, concerts, readings and more

The video recording of theater performances, concerts, readings, etc. is of course done with several cameras. If the many areas of the stage performance are to be recorded on video from different perspectives, we use the multi-camera method to do this. We rely on modern cameras that are remote-controlled. The cameras are controlled from a central point with regard to zoom, sharpness and alignment. In this way, 5 or more cameras can be operated by a single person. This saves personnel costs for you.
Video reports for TV, streaming and internet

In this area, too, we can draw on a wealth of experience based on many years of activity. Hundreds of TV contributions and reports were produced and broadcast. This activity led to a wide variety of places for a wide variety of topics. These included current news and information, cultural events, sports competitions, football, handball, social events and much more. We are able to research for you in all conceivable areas and to produce video contributions and TV reports.
Video production of interviews, round tables, discussion events, etc.

Depending on what the client wants and how the situation is on site, several cameras are also used for interviews, rounds of talks, discussion events, etc. If the questioner is not to be shown in the picture in interviews with only one person, two cameras are sometimes completely sufficient. In any case, more than two cameras are required when it comes to video recording of interviews and conversations with several people. Depending on whether it is an event with an audience, remote-controlled cameras can also be used here. If interviews, conversations or discussion rounds are recorded without an audience, there is no need for a motor pan tilt.
Editing and editing of video and audio material

Of course, just recording concerts, events, interviews and discussions etc. is not enough. A video production cannot be completed without video editing. An important part of editing video material is adjusting and mixing the soundtracks or audio tracks. The integration of additional text and image material as well as the integration of logos and blurbs also takes place during the video editing. You can also submit existing image, text, video and audio material. If, for example, the audio tracks of a concert recording are to be mastered, we can do this or you can supply it as a file.
Manufacture of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs in small quantities

We can offer you the production of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs in small series. In terms of archiving, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs offer a number of advantages. The security of the data on USB sticks, memory cards and hard drives is not guaranteed for eternity. Electronic components are the common cause of data loss from hard drives, USB sticks and memory cards. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs do not have these. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs are ideal for selling, giving away or archiving music and videos.

From our results created in over 20 years of video production.
Listening instead of being obedient - A resident of the Burgenland district

Listening instead of being obedient - the opinion of a resident of the Burgenland ... »
Background story: Murdered woman in front of the church - local stories

Local stories: Shocking incident - young woman murdered in front of ... »
Yann Song King - Angel of Peace Stanislaw Jewgrafowitsch Petrow (song) - The citizens' voice of Burgenlandkreis

Angel of Peace Stanislaw Jewgrafowitsch Petrow - Yann Song King - The citizens' voice of ... »
Interview with Armin Schrimpf (tiler, slab layer, mosaic layer) - why he decided to return to the Burgenland district and what perspectives he sees in the region

TV report: Returnees to the Burgenlandkreis - How the region gains skilled workers through ... »
The Romanesque church in Flemmingen: An architectural highlight in the Burgenland district

TV report: Hans-Martin Ilse tells the story of the Romanesque church in ... »
Honor for successful athletes in Zeitz - TV report about the celebration in the town hall, where athletes could sign the book of the town. Interviews with Ulf Krause, Maria Franke, Jaschar Salmanow and other athletes, Burgenlandkreis.

Zeitz honors successful athletes - TV report on the celebration in the town hall, where athletes ... »

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