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From the results of over 2 decades of video production

Noise protection and night's sleep in Weißenfels: A report on the measures taken by...

Burgenlandkreis , order, noise, EU foreigners, Neustadt, garbage, TV report, Weißenfels, 2nd citizens' dialogue, Robby Risch (Mayor of Weißenfels), interview, problems

Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg - top quality and at the best price - professional recording of concerts, events, discussions, theater performances...
... to publish them on TV, web, on Blu-Ray disc, DVD.

Getting a successful project off the ground with little money but high standards?

These options usually get in each other s way. Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg is the exception and the only video production company to refute this rule. The cameras we use are modern, latest-generation models of the same type, with large 1-inch image sensors. Excellent image quality is achieved in difficult lighting conditions. Cameras can be controlled remotely by using programmable motor pan-tilts, which reduces manpower and saves costs.

We offer the following services, among others

Parallel video recording with multiple cameras (multi-camera video production)

A main field of activity of Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg is multi-camera video recording and video production. We use cameras of the same type. Cameras of the same type ensure identical image quality for every image or camera setting. The video editing is done using professional software on high-performance computers. As one of the few video producers, Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg can produce videos in 8K / UHD-II / UHDTV2 / 4320p.
Video production of theater performances, concerts, readings and more

The video recording of concerts, theater performances, readings, etc. is of course done with several cameras. Only through multi-camera video production is it possible to record many areas of the event simultaneously in image and sound. We use cameras that are remote controlled. The cameras are controlled from a central point with regard to zoom, sharpness and alignment. In this way, 5 or more cameras can be controlled by just one person. An entire event can be fully recorded by just one person.
Video reports for television and the Internet

Thanks to many years of activity, we can also draw on a wealth of experience in this area. This resulted in several hundred TV reports and video reports. The researched topics as well as the locations were very different and varied. These included current news and information, cultural events, sports competitions, football, handball, social events and much more. Our wealth of experience is so rich that we can produce TV reports and video reports for you on all sorts of topics.
Video production of rounds of talks, discussion events, interviews, etc.

Depending on the order, we also use several cameras for the video production of interviews, discussion events, round tables, etc. If the questioner should not be visible in interviews with only one person, two cameras would be sufficient. In any case, more than two cameras are required when it comes to video recording of interviews and conversations with several people. To what extent it is necessary to be able to remotely control the cameras depends on whether it is an event with an audience. The technical effort is reduced if the video recording is of discussions without an audience.
Editing and editing of video and audio material

The video recording of events, concerts, interviews, etc. is of course only half the battle. A video production cannot be completed without video editing. The soundtracks or audio tracks have to be adjusted and mixed while the video material is being edited. Additional text, image and video material as well as blurbs are also designed and integrated during the video editing. If you would like video material from you or from other sources to be integrated, you are welcome to submit this. Audio tracks from concert recordings can also be remixed and remastered.
Small series of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

We can offer you the production of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs in small series. In terms of archiving, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs offer a number of advantages. The security of the data on USB sticks, memory cards and hard drives is not guaranteed for eternity. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs lack electronic components. Thus, these potential weak points and causes for data loss are missing. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs are ideal for selling, giving away or archiving music and videos.

From the results of over 2 decades of video production
Exhibition Knowledge + Power - Saint Benedict and the Ottonians in the Memleben monastery: A journey into the past of the Burgenland district

Insights into the Ottonian era: the Knowledge+Power exhibition in the Memleben monastery ... »
TV report: HC Burgenland triumphs against SV 04 Plauen Oberlosa in the top game of the handball league in Euroville, Burgenlandkreis.

Interview with Marcel Kilz, the assistant coach of HC Burgenland, about the victory in the ... »
Discover the treasures of nature: The mineral and fossil exchange in Bad Kösen. Interview with the club president

Bad Kösen: The Mecca for mineral and fossil lovers. A visit to the annual ... »
TV report about the 3rd AOK youth camp in Weißenfels at the MBC (Mitteldeutscher Basketballclub) with a focus on the role of technology in the camp, interviews with technology experts and MBC trainers, and insights into the latest developments in the field of sport.

TV report about the 3rd AOK youth camp in Weißenfels at the MBC (Mitteldeutscher ... »
BASIC LAW, NO THANKS? - Ralph Boes in Naumburg - The view of an inhabitant in the Burgenland district

BASIC LAW, NO THANKS? - Ralph Boes in Naumburg - A resident of the Burgenland ...»
Theater Naumburg: focus on ensemble playing. This short TV report focuses on ensemble playing at the Naumburg Theater.

Theater Naumburg: Strong productions. In this short TV report, the Naumburg Theater is presented ...»
Saale-Unstrut suitcase 2018/2019: photo shoot with the agricultural marketing company Saxony-Anhalt - interview with Thomas Böhm, head of the Burgenlandkreis Economics Office.

New pictures for the Saale-Unstrut suitcase 2018/2019: Agricultural marketing company ... »
Initiative The Burgenland District Citizens' Voice, demonstration in Naumburg to hand over the list of demands

Initiative Die Bürgerstimme, demonstration in Naumburg in the Burgenland district to ...»
Story on stage: Simple and Schwejk: TV report on the performance of Simple and Schwejk in the ballroom of Moritzburg Castle in Zeitz during the 21st Heinrich Schütz Music Festival in the Burgenland district. In an interview with the director of the festival, Dr. Christina Siegfried, is about the importance of plays that bring historical events to the stage and how the audience reacted to them.

Cultural highlight in the Burgenland district: Simple and Schwejk at the Heinrich Schütz ... »
A group of volunteers are committed to preserving the church in Göthewitz. Their efforts and progress are presented in this TV report. Interview with Frank Leder, member of the parish church council Hohenmölsener Land.

The church in Göthewitz is about to fall into ruin. This TV report presents the latest ... »

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