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Results of our work

Ray Cooper unplugged live concert in the Goseck Castle Church (part...

Please support video productions like this! ... »

This is part 2 of Ray Cooper's 5th concert in the Castle Church of Goseck (Burgenlandkreis, Saxony-Anhalt). This part was also shot with 6 cameras in 4K/UHD and produced in 4K/UHD. At Ray Cooper's request, the concert was released in two parts a week apart.

Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg - the best way to record events, meetings, concerts, talks, theater performances...
... to publish them on TV, Internet, DVD, BluRay etc.

Only a small budget but high demands?

These two things are usually not possible at the same time. Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg is the exception and the only video production company to refute this rule. We use cameras with large, latest-generation 1-inch image sensors of the same type. Demanding lighting conditions do not affect the excellent image quality. The cameras can be controlled remotely using the programmable motorized pan-tilts, reducing labor costs and enabling cost savings.

From our range of services

Video recording with multiple cameras (multi-camera video production)

When it comes to multi-camera recording and video production, Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg is your partner. We use cameras of the same type. This ensures identical picture quality even with 4K/UHD. The video material is cut on high-performance computers. Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg already offers the possibility to produce videos in 8K / UHD-II / UHDTV2 / 4320p.
Video production of concerts, theater performances, readings ...

In the video recording of theater performances, concerts, readings, etc., several cameras are of course used. If the many different areas of the stage presentation are to be recorded on video from different perspectives, we can do this using the multi-camera method. We use cameras that are remote controlled. From a central point, a cameraman has everything in view and can align the cameras in a variety of ways. In this way, 5 or more cameras can be operated by a single person. This saves personnel costs for you.
Video reports for television and the Internet

Through working as a video journalist for many years, I was able to gain relevant experience in this area. Hundreds of video reports and TV reports have been produced and broadcast over the years. The topics were as varied as the places reported on. These included breaking news and information, cultural and sporting events, competitions, social events and much more. Due to our many experiences, we are able to work for you in almost all topics to produce TV reports and video reports.
Video production of interviews, round tables, discussion events, etc.

Depending on what the client wants and how the situation is on site, several cameras are also used for interviews, rounds of talks, discussion events, etc. If the questioner should not be visible in interviews with only one person, two cameras would be sufficient. More than two cameras are always necessary when it comes to interviews and conversations with several people. Depending on whether it is an event with an audience, remote-controlled cameras can also be used here. If interviews, conversations or discussion rounds are recorded without an audience, there is no need for a motor pan tilt.
Video editing, video cutting, audio editing

Of course, recording events, concerts, theater performances, talks, etc. on video is only half the battle. A video production cannot be completed without video editing. During the video editing, the soundtracks and audio tracks are viewed, adjusted and mixed at the same time. The integration of additional text and image material as well as the integration of logos and blurbs also takes place during the video editing. If you would like video material from you or from other sources to be integrated, you are welcome to submit this. Audio tracks from concert recordings can also be remixed and remastered.
Small series of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

Videoproduktion und Multimedia Freyburg is also your partner for CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs in small quantities. CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs offer particular advantages over other storage media, and not just for archiving. Hard drives, USB sticks and memory cards don't last forever. Electronic components are the common cause of data loss from hard drives, USB sticks and memory cards. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs do not have these. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs for music and video are therefore the first choice as a souvenir, as a gift or for sale.

From the results of over 2 decades of video production
TV report on the Mouse Opener Day at the Asklepios Klinik Weißenfels and the importance of the event for understanding medical work with children.

Interview with Madlen Redanz, Head of Public Relations at Asklepios Klinik ... »
Tour: A tour of the Capitol in Zeitz on the occasion of the anniversary with Konstanze Teile as a guide. The tour shows the different rooms and areas of the theater as well as historical elements that have been preserved over the years.

A look behind the scenes: A look behind the scenes of the Capitol in Zeitz on the occasion ... »
Video interview with Juliane Lenssen about the performance of the coal train in Zeitz

Video interview with Juliane Lenssen about the importance of the coal train for the ... »
Insights into the practice of child psychology: Interview with Dr. medical Karina Hinzmann from the Asklepios Clinic in Weissenfels

Insights into the world of child psychology: Interview with Dr. medical Karina Hinzmann from ... »
Administration in the nursing home - thoughts of a citizen - the citizens' voice Burgenlandkreis

Administration in the nursing home - A resident of the ... »
In the nursing home - the opinion of a resident of the Burgenland district

In the nursing home - The letter from a resident - The citizens' voice of the ... »
The Domina in the Arche Nebra - A portrait with Monika Bode and her commitment to the preservation of Roman history in the Burgenland district.

Historical Roman dishes in the Burgenlandkreis - A journey into the past with a Roman ... »
Silvio Klawonn talks about the importance of online video training for the Jodan Kamae Zeitz martial arts community In this video interview, Silvio Klawonn talks about the importance of online video training for the Jodan Kamae Zeitz martial arts community during the Corona pandemic. He shares her experience of this format and how it has helped keep the club going.

30 years of Jodan Kamae Zeitz: How we continue to fight despite Corona and the shards In ... »
"Thomas organist Ullrich Böhme takes you on the Johann Sebastian Bach cycle tour from Leipzig via Weißenfels to Naumburg and shows you the castle church of St. Trinitatis"

"With the Thomas organist Ullrich Böhme on the Johann Sebastian Bach bike tour from ... »
Interview about how the social welfare office, social agency, social courts, administrative courts, schools and authorities deal with a child with disabilities and the actions of the judiciary and the parallels to the pandemic.

No responsible person will take ... »

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